Our head spa menu offers exclusive services created for the unique needs of the scalp and hair. These services are performed using our state of the art Spa MistTM treatment machine. This machine creates a fine mist of microscopic water particles that allow for maximum penetration of therapeutic treatments into the hair follicle. It is a highly effective way to deliver beneficial ingredients to the scalp and hair. All treatments include consultation and styling.

Scalp Care

REBALANCE $95/$65 (add on)
This treatment is ideal for those with excessively oily scalps that need rebalancing.Ethical White Amazonian Control Clay, gently detoxifies and exfoliates to revive and refresh the skin and scalp + Biodynamic Sage which is a 100% pure and effective herb for oily skin and scalp treatments. It’s ancient medicinal plant is renowned for its powerful purifying action and ability to regulate sebaceous oil glands.

PURIFY $95/$65 (add on)
This treatment is ideal for those with dandruff or product build-up.Purifying Rice Wax deeply exfoliates and eliminates oily or dry dandruff buildup with micro rice granules + Biodynamic Thyme is an effective herbal remedy for relieving itching and burning associated with dandruff. It’s all natural antimicrobial action reduces malassezia-the fungus responsible for causing dandruff.

SOOTHE $95/$65 (add on)
This treatment is ideal for those with eczema, psoriasis and other irritated skin types.Anthoxylum Soothing Gel harnesses the power of the ancient Chinese herb, Zantholxylum, which offers the skin and scalp immediate relief from redness and irritation. Botanical-based Allontoin reduces healing times from inflammation + Pure Biodynamic Helichrysum is a 100% pure and effective herb for soothing and repairing red, irritated scalps and skin. Known as the Immortal Flower, it delivers ant-aging benefits by protecting the skin from oxidation.

Scalp + Hair

DETOX + RESTORE $65 (add on)
Over time, excess skin, sebum and product residues build up on the scalp, suffocating it and – eventually – weakening the hair and irritating the skin. To restore the scalp to its optimum condition, a scalp detox is necessary.Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser frees both scalp & hair from stress and toxins. It’s 100% natural ingredients have a gentle peeling effect to deeply cleanse and purity the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and scalp function. The medicinal properties of Biodynamic Savory Leaves, Organic Horsetail and Fair Trade Amazonian Pink Clay eliminate toxins and impurities, while strengthening and regenerating the hair and scalp.

This treatment does not include Spa Mist.

Enjoy all the benefits that the Spa MistTM has to offer for your scalp, hair and mind. This luxurious service combines our DETOX + RESTORE, one of the scalp care options along
with a deep conditioning masque. All using the power of a soft, microscopic mist that penetrates the scalp and hair.STEP ONE: DETOX AND RESTORE to detoxify and restore scalp to its optimum condition.

STEP TWO: REBALANCE, PURIFY or SOOTHE will be selected depending on your individual scalp needs.

STEP THREE: CONDITIONING MASQUE one of our signature conditioning treatments will be chosen based on your individual hair needs.

Hair Care

Deva CurlTM Heaven In Hair $125/$40 (add on)
This rich , creamy deep conditioning treatment drenches dehydrated hair with cupaucu butter for long lasting moisture, murumu butter for protection and shine and vitamin infused cacao butter to soften and nourish. The result is silky hair that is easy to manage and style. Includes a personalized consultation along with product recommendations and style for your specific texture that makes it easy for you to maintain your curls at home.
OWAYTM Moisturizing Hair Mask $125/$40 (add on)

Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask deeply replenishes and repairs dry, brittle hair with a nourishing blend of Biodynamic Hazelnut, Organic Honey and Ethical Murmuru Butter. It also provides protection against split end formation.This synergy of deeply nourishing botanicals calms frizz and reveals shiny, lustrous hair.

Offering a signature scent with a warm, welcoming aroma made with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils.


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